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Did you know that AICA is the premier car accident chiropractic center of Cartersville? Our caring staff is sure to offer the understanding and comfort you need as a Cartersville citizen that has recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident. At AICA we offer a variety of therapeutic treatments for auto accident victims including chiropractic care, orthopedic care, and physiotherapy. If you were recently involved in a Cartersville car crash then call the chiropractors at AICA and let us help you through your recovery.

MRI to the Rescue!

As a recent auto accident victim you may need an MRI to come to your rescue. Following a car accident many people go to the hospital and receive minimal exams and then leave without getting a proper diagnosis. These people often receive lower settlements then they should get because they did not receive proper treatment. How would MRI technology ensure that an auto accident victim receives proper treatment? Surprisingly enough, one of the most common injuries following a motor vehicle accident is soft tissue damage. In order to correctly diagnose a soft tissue injury an MRI must be used because these types of injuries cannot be detected on other standard exams or X-rays. At AICA we want to ensure that every auto-injury victim receives full and proper treatment which is why we utilize MRI technology on a regular basis. You don’t have to be the person that loses out on a settlement or the person that suffers from undiagnosed injuries. Let AICA give you the help that you need after your wreck.

  • Transportation provided if necessary
  • Spanish speaking staff at every location
  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
  • Same-day appointments typically available

Cartersville Car Accident – June 2012

A motorcyclist was involved in a devastating accident just outside of Cartersville last June. The Daily Home reported that the motorcyclist, a Pell City police sergeant, had just gotten back into riding when a driver in a Ford Ranger failed to yield and pulled out in front of him. Evidence reveals that during this Cartersville crash the sergeant slid about 20 feet before colliding with the truck. The biker was life-flighted to Grady Memorial Hospital and sustained extensive injuries including fractures, and internal injuries. Further reports have revealed that the officer anticipates making a full recovery from his Cartersville collision.

Car accidents tend to have an extreme impact on victims, but accidents where motorcyclists are involved are often much more severe. This Cartersville accident serves as an excellent reminder to always seek medical attention following a collision. It is fortunate that this officer’s injuries were not fatal and that he quickly received the necessary care that he needed. At AICA we feel that all auto-accident victims should have prompt follow-up care after their wrecks to make sure that they receive proper diagnoses and treatment. Our highly trained staff offers years of experience in treating auto-injury patients and sets the standard for car accident chiropractic care in Cartersville. If you have experienced an auto accident recently, then setup an appointment with AICA today to start your recovery.

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