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AICA is the premier provider of Kennesaw auto-accident therapies, including chiropractic treatment, orthopedic treatments, and even physiotherapy. Our highly-trained, professional auto-injury doctors have worked hard to successfully treat hundreds of car accident victims in and around Kennesaw, GA. If you are suffering from the side effects of your recent Kennesaw car accident then call AICA today. Our compassionate staff would be happy to help you through each step of your treatment process.

Could an MRI be What You’re Needing?

Since your car accident have you found yourself wondering “Could an MRI be what I need?” In all probability the answer to your question is, Yes! In any single auto accident there are actually three collisions taking place. First is the car’s impact with either another car or a stationary object. The second impact is your body against your vehicle. Finally, the inside of your body collides with its outer frame. It is because of these collisions that the most likely injury following a car accident is damage to the soft tissues. Unfortunately an X-ray or typical physical exam will not be sufficient to diagnose a soft tissue injury. However, an MRI does offer the capability to diagnose soft tissue injuries. At AICA we utilize top of the line MRI technology to make sure that our auto-injury patients receive the right diagnosis after their car accident. If you were in an accident then let us help you. We will make sure you not only get the correct diagnosis, but that you also get the right treatment.

  • Transportation provided if necessary
  • Spanish speaking staff at every location
  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
  • Same-day appointments typically available

Kennesaw Car Accident – February 2013

The Kennesaw Patch reports that at least one person has been transported to the hospital with critical injuries sustained in an accident involving a tractor trailer. The accident is still under investigation but at this point we know that a tractor trailer collided with a passenger vehicle at the intersection of Cobb Parkway and McCollum Parkway in Kennesaw. Video footage reveals severe damage to the driver’s side door of the passenger vehicle. This Kennesaw collision delayed traffic in the area for over an hour.

This major collision in Kennesaw was extremely unfortunate. Car accidents are always unexpected and have the ability to result in such a wide range of injuries. For this reason it is imperative that any victim of a motor vehicle collision gets an exam by a licensed doctor as soon as possible. At AICA we are very experienced with dealing with auto accident victims and make it a priority to provide full diagnoses and care plans. Additionally, our team at AICA works closely with the top auto-injury attorneys in Kennesaw and can help connect patients to a lawyer that is right for their insurance claims. If you have become the victim of a Kennesaw crash then let AICA provide you with the care and treatment you need to recover.

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