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Are you a Roswell, GA resident that is still suffering from the side effects of an auto collision? Don’t suffer a moment longer! Call the professionals at AICA to get the quality care you need. At AICA we provide top of the line chiropractic services in conjunction with orthopedic care and physiotherapy. We understand just how devastating motor vehicle accidents can be, and we want to see each Roswell auto-injury patient enjoying the freedom of full recoveries. Let AICA help you through this difficulty time, and see why we are the premier choice in Roswell chiropractic services.

What are the Benefits of MRI?

What are the benefits of an MRI to a car crash victim? If you don’t know the answer to this question you are probably not alone. Many people are unaware of the unique benefits offered by the use of MRI technology for auto accident victims. When a person is involved in an accident their body absorbs a great deal of the impact which ultimately results in soft tissue injuries. Unfortunately, a standard exam or x-ray will not diagnose damage to the soft tissues. What can diagnose a soft tissue injury? You guessed it, an MRI! MRI technology is necessary for the majority of auto collision victims, but many never receive one. At AICA we want our patients to receive full and proper treatment which requires an accurate diagnosis. For this reason we have found MRI use to be absolutely necessary for those that have experienced a recent car accident. Our chiropractic doctors are among the best in the area, and regularly utilize MRIs in order to ensure our patients receive accurate diagnoses and effective, individualized treatment plans. If you think that you haven’t received a full diagnosis following your wreck then let the caring staff at AICA take care of you!

  • Transportation provided if necessary
  • Spanish speaking staff at every location
  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
  • Same-day appointments typically available

Roswell Car Accident – February 2013

A Roswell car accident results in dangerous circumstances for one emergency responder. According to the Atlanta Journal constitution, a woman on Ga. 400 southbound near Holcomb Bridge Rd was unable to maintain control of her vehicle and crashed into the wall of a median. An officer responding to this call with lights and sirens ended up colliding with another vehicle while en route, this vehicle had failed to yield to the officer’s patrol car. Thankfully, the officer and other driver involved in this Roswell collision had no reported injuries. However the woman that struck the median reportedly suffered from minor injuries after her Roswell car accident, injuries such as back pain, neck pain and other areas of generalized soreness.

All car accidents, even those that are seemingly small like these that that occurred in Roswell, often impact a person more than they initially realize. You may think that most motor vehicle collisions only involve one impact, but in all actuality every auto accident involves three collisions. The first collision is the automobile against another object. The secondary impact is the bodies of the passengers against the interior of the car. The final collision is the internal organs against the walls of the body. The effects of these 3 impacts may not be immediately visible or even felt. For this reason all car accident victims need to make a priority of receiving thorough medical exams following their incident. At AICA we are experienced in diagnosing and treating victims of motor vehicle accidents. We have helped hundreds of Roswell area residents enjoy the freedom of a full recovery following a car wreck. If you were recently in a Roswell wreck then let the caring and compassionate staff at AICA help you get through this difficult time.

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