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If you are a Smyrna citizen and have recently had a car accident, then the qualified team at AICA may be what you need. Many victims of auto accidents suffer from persistent back pain, soreness, and even whiplash. At AICA we are dedicated to treating Smyrna motor vehicle crash victims. We offer a wide range of therapies including orthopedic services, chiropractic services, and physiotherapy. At AICA we understand how much an auto collision can set you back, and we want to help the injured of Smyrna get going again. Our friendly staff and licensed professionals will work with each Smyrna auto-injury patient to come up with an individualized care plan that works. Call AICA today and schedule your appointment. We look forward to serving you!

Why get an MRI?

Why should you get an MRI? If you were involved in a car accident then chances are good that an MRI could be very beneficial to you! An MRI is the only way to properly diagnose a soft tissue injury sustained from a motor vehicle accident. Although many people may not know this, soft tissue damage is actually one of the most common repercussions of an auto accident. Day after day people become the victims of a car crash and never receive an MRI. These people go on to suffer because they have undiagnosed injuries. At AICA we genuinely care for our patients and their recovery outcomes, which is why we offer the use of MRI technology. We know that without properly diagnosing our car accident victims we cannot possibly give them the proper treatment they need. The use of an MRI is perhaps one reason why we stand out among car accident chiropractors. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and have concerns that you were never correctly diagnosed or treated then let our team at AICA help you!

  • Transportation provided if necessary
  • Spanish speaking staff at every location
  • You could receive $10,000 in injury benefits
  • Same-day appointments typically available

Smyrna Car Accident – January 2013

CBS Atlanta reports that a car crash leaves one Smyrna woman injured, and two officers injured. It was early in the evening when two patrol cars that were pulled over for a routine traffic stop were struck from behind by a drunk driver in a Toyota. The two officers were immediately transported to the nearest medical center and later released with minor injuries; likely stiffness, back pain, and whiplash. The third victim in this accident was Patience Hendrix of Smyrna, who was a passenger in the Toyota. The Smyrna woman was also transported to a nearby medical facility for injuries sustained in the crash. Reports state that the Toyota first collided with one police cruiser and the force of this collision resulted in that car crashing into the patrol car in front of it.

It is fortunate that no serious injuries were sustained from this car accident. However, this incident serves as a great reminder of the importance of getting a full medical exam following any auto collision. It is not actually possible to know the extent of injury at the scene of a crash. Any motor vehicle accident victim needs to receive a thorough exam and proper treatment by a licensed doctor following the incident. Additionally, a victim of a car accident will likely need to get in touch with a skilled auto-injury attorney to handle any insurance claims. At AICA we strive to provide comprehensive care to all our car accident patients. We not only offer high quality chiropractic care, but we also work with top Smyrna litigation teams. If you’ve been involved in a recent Smyrna wreck then let our team help you through this difficult time.

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