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A friend of mine told me about AICA. He knew I suffered with migraines. Wow…I am truly thankful that I listened to him. I went and met with the Doctors and staff at AICA. They helped me get my life back! — Erin R.

I bent over to pick up a box and my back went out so bad that I could not stand up and barely walk into the doctor’s office. They handled me in the most gentle way and I was able to walk out that afternoon. — Shawn B.

The office here is detailed. They let you know what steps you need to do to have a case! I was treated for an auto accident and at no point, did they ask me to pay for anything out of my own pocket. — Whitney B.

I got injured at work. Unfortunately, I did not have health insurance. The doctors at AICA provided quick and proper care that allowed me to get back to work as quick as possible. — Pam R.

I hit the floor so hard and so quickly that I was truly scared. My husband tried to get me to go to the hospital. However, I called AICA and this was the best phone call I made! — Sara E.

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